Amaron Brute is the latest Product offering traction Battery from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the 2V High Integrity series from Amaron Hi Life Batteries range in tubular series. Amaron Brute incorporating the cutting edge technology offers an unbeatable value proposition for the most demanding and rugged applications in back-up power for motive power.

Amaron Brute is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for motive power applications in harsh outdoor environments.

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Performance Edge

·      99.99% Primary lead & 100% red lead in the positive mass, precise & consistent plate weight.

·      Electrolytes with lower specific gravity, high performance of cells with less boost.

·      Patented paste mix on positive & negative plates, significantly reducing water consumption.

·      Gauntlet design - Reinforced non-woven polyester with unique small pores size - no positive                   active material shedding, no cell shorts & no excess capacity drop.

·      Ultrasonic welding of the bottom bar eliminates active mass shedding & failures, increases                   longevity of product.

·      Closed loop circular formation enables cell-to-cell performance consistently in a rack.

brute 2.png