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Amaron Quanta S-XEL is a source of 'Uninterrupted Power' for various core industries. This new generation of Tubular Battery is big in power storage and enduring in performance. As a company that is known for its obsession with its technology, Amara Raja has been behind some of the best innovations in technology that India has seen.

Amaron Quanta S-Xel is a fail-safe, foolproof battery, produced and tested in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Built with the highest technical competence in its class, the Amaron Quanta S-XEL is an example of Amara Raja's commitment to bring the best of its technology. Amaron Quanta S-Xel is the industry's first product of acid circulation formation process technology amount tubular batteries which enhances the life of the battery.

Performance Edge

·       High-Pressure Spine casting (100 Bar) provides uni-directional grains orientation with microhardness extradite superior life.

·       Allow rapid charge & delivers high power. Optimized current dense & higher conductivity leading to last long.

·       Mitigating corrosion prone zone provides high life - Really long

·       Unique wet pasting process, lower resistance to deliver consistent power & low self-discharge

·       Automated cast-on-strap delivers durability & performance

·       Rigid & Integrated terminal connectivity provides sustainable strength

·       Best in class vent design reduces acid spewing, built-in-flame arrestor avoids acid mist exist

·       Industry first acid circulation formation process enhances battery life

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